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Our History

Reach It  - Clean It

CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT by OMNIPOLE- Every system tailored to your needs.

Our  experience building and operating van and trailer mounted steam cleaning units since 1984 has been invaluable to the development of the Omnipole window cleaning system.  

The heart of any pure water system is the Reverse Osmosis unit this has developed in the same way computers have. The once large units are now neat and compact.  Through technology it is no longer necessary to pre soften water before it enters the Reverse Osmosis membrane. A further development is the DI filter, this adequately replaces the giant DI tanks.  We have taken and continue to take advantage of new technology as it becomes available

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Omnipole systems - Chosen by Local Government

Chosen by Public Transport

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Cleaning the Un-cleanable

Starting the cleaning, 

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London Underground Senior personnel have a go!

The difference in the cleaned and un-cleaned areas of glass were truly amazing, many passers by commented on the change!

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Chosen by contractors

  Enlarge View

Cleaning a curved glass curtain wall.


Impossible by ladder or abseil method due to its all glass roof. The Omnitrolley came into its own in this narrow alley.

The Omni-trolley

  can be used with any brand of pole. It can be taken anywhere

  Enlarge View 

omnitrolley2002.jpg (42665 bytes)

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The OMNIWAND steam/ high pressure telescopic  lance

12' 18' and 24' sizes 

                                     Enlarge View

18' Aluminum version shown above

Window cleaning has changed

Gone are the days of window cleaners having to risk life and limb climbing ladders to access windows

Today's window cleaners are using modern technology

The Omnipole system uses pure water to clean windows because the water is so pure the windows are left wet and dry naturally. Therefore you don't need to be right up to them. 

How it works - The windows are first made wet by using an omnipole to deliver the purified water through the brush head,  the window is then gently scrubbed and finally rinsed. This method is three times faster than traditional window cleaning!

We build dedicated vans or trailers to suit the contractor

we build systems for shopping malls, Estates and complexes

fully kitted out with

 a high-tech reverse osmosis water purification system.

Aluminum or fiberglass Omnipoles to reach windows up to 60' from the ground

A pure water holding tank- available in sizes to suit the operator

Windows can be accessed up to 200 meters away using  hoses from the unit or with the omni-trolley  any area can be cleaned with an omnipole system without  attached hoses. The Omnitrolley fits through any doorway or alley you can even take it up in a lift to access roof area windows.

 Facility Managers and Architects


When you choose the Omnipole Window cleaning system you can be sure your windowspic3.JPG (14987 bytes) will be carefully cleaned by a professional contractor. 

  The glass is first washed then scrubbed and finally rinsed off.

All this takes place with the contractors feet firmly on the ground alleviating you from the Health and Safety concerns regarding the fitting of eye bolts, specialised access equipment and the criteria for using ladders over three and a half metres high.
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Omnipole is being used to clean windows at Universities, Hospitals, Town Halls, Railways, Musiums, Police Stations, Sports Stadiums, Industrial and Commercial Estates, Housing Developments, Offices. Etc.

Nationwide contractors available in the Whole of United Kingdom Mainland, Northern Ireland the Channel Islands and  Isle of Mann

 Please contact us and our local contractor will contact you

Email your enquiry to or Telephone 020 8405 6782

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