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TELEPHONE 0208 405 6782

om-bowser550.jpg (51667 bytes) 550 Litre Water BOWSER 

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Water bowser's available for immediate delivery in following sizes

550 litre, 1100 litre, 2000 litre, and 3000 litre

Fuel bowser's also immediately available

Portable Hot Shower for
Rapid Haz-Mat Decon

In use by the UN, US Military, Haz-Mat, Fire,
Hospital and Foreign Governments, the portable
Zodi Pro 70 hot shower systems provides instant
hot showers anytime, anywhere in seconds.
Heats water instantly to 100° delivering continuous
hot water flows, the Pro 70 is Ideal for providing
Hot Showers for meth, chemical, & WMD decon.
Easy to use - just connect to water source and p
“auto ignite” button. Unlimited Hot water sprays
from the shower head in just seconds...
Great for all decon shelters and enclosures.


Key Benefits

Delivers Unlimited Hot Showers Fast... Saves Lives too.
The powerful Pro 70 hot shower is equipped with twin 35,000 BTU (70,000 BTU total) heaters designed to instantly heat continuous water flows up to 100°. Initial heat up period is under 15 seconds...

Fast - Expect comfortable hot showers just seconds after connecting to a water source (garden hose or pumper truck) and pushing the “auto ignite” button. In normal conditions, the Pro 70 can be delivering hot water within 2 minutes of arriving on site.

Hot - Temperature is adjustable from warm to hot with just a twist on the “water temperature control valve” located on the front of the heater.

Feedback from Customers - Hot decon showers have been known to saves lives... Warm water reduces shock, reduces hypothermia, and increases core temperature for better blood coagulation. Many cleaning agents used in decon, react faster when applied with warm water... saving time, saving lives... Warm water increases efficiency from the hospital or Haz-Mat staff and support personnel too. Warm water is your best choice.

High Quality, Portable Design for Self-Contained Use...
Designed for the portable decontamination demands of the US Military, the powerful, self-contained, stainless steel Pro 70 Hot Tap easily delivers endless hot showers anytime anywhere.

• The compact heater is built from high temp USA mil-spec stainless steel for extra durability. Will never rust and will take harsh knocks and bangs consistent with emergency response.

• The water tight and shock proof “Push Button Ignitors” are rated #1 and are self-powered with AA alkalines (with backup) for extra convenience.

• The 25 feet long double wall reinforced shower hose is rated for pressure 500% higher than needed. Won't collapse or kink either.

• The water temperature control valve is designed for maximum performance, adjustable without removing gloves.

• The versatile shower head is equipped with a rotary cap providing several differant spray patterns. Use the forceful spray for hosing down suited first responders & equipment, or use the gentle spray for patients.

• The powerful twin 35,000 BTU burners are fueled with the best propane gas valves and regulators available to deliver non-interrupted service.

• For use away from pressurized water or pumper trucks, the Zodi Pro 70 is available with an optional 12 volt water pump, attaches to cart.

• The rugged powdercoated cart with large wheels, equipped with steel axles, allows easy loading into and out of trucks along with easy transport around decon site.

• The compact PRO 70 is packed with performance! The system is just 12” high by 16” wide by 12” deep and weighs just 46 pounds plus cart.

• The Zodi Pro 70 is made in the USA by proud craftsman.

Great Value....
The Pro 70 is a perfect balance of performance, quality, convenience and price. There is no other portable hot water system anywhere that delivers the quality and the performance of the Zodi Pro 70 in size, weight and price. In fact, our closest competitor is 3 times larger and twice as expensive with outputs levels lower than that of the PRO 70. Zodi is your best choice. We guarantee it!

• The PRO 70 is absolute complete with nothing else to buy!

• Assembly is mimimal, just remove system from shipping box, place the PRO 70 system on the transporter cart, (secure with 4 wing nuts). Attach your propane cylinder, connect to a garden hose, push the auto ignite buttons and hot water flows endlessly.

Versatile, Several Pro 70 models to meet your needs...
The Pro 70 is available with several options to meet your exact requirements. Our primary customer is a fire department Haz-Mat or hospital seeking an instant hot shower system for their decon shelter. The Pro 70 Hot Tap is your best choice for portable instant hot water.

• Our most popular Pro 70 shower is the Pro T with dual shower heads permitting 2 separate hot shower stations. This arrangment can be used to provide 2 primary hot showers or 1 primary decon and 1 secondary decon simultaneously.

Email your enquiry to or Telephone 020 8405 6782

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