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Welcome to Omnipole's  PowerPole Page


The PowerPole System is a safe method to work at height  with the operators feet safely on the ground.

On this page you will find examples of cleaning and maintenance jobs that can be carried using the PowerPole.

The PowerPole is available in heights from 6' to 60 ft and three basic versions all of which can be upgraded.

1) Basic PowerPole telescopic pole.

Can be  used with a variety of accessories to access high levels. For example roof tops and difficult to reach areas like over canopies.

To carry out tasks such as Video surveys, Scrubbing tiles, Scrapping off gloss paint , change lighting, test smoke alarms .

2) The Low Pressure PowerPole

Is widely used for Water fed pole Window cleaning, Cladding Cleaning, Wash Lance, Tile cleaning.

The Low Pressure PowerPole can be operated directly from a tap, or from a pumped van mount, trolley or back pack 12 volt pumped system.

When used with a mains, battery, hand pressure sprayer  or foam injector the Low pressure PowerPole may be used to apply a wide range  chemicals and foams.

IMPORTANT: Some chemicals will require stainless steel fittings  for the PowerPole please contact us with your requirements.

 3) High pressure PowerPole

If you need to pressure wash at height then the addition of a HP PowerPole to your range of tools will make tasks like Stone and concrete cleaning, jet washing , gutter jetting, down pipe clearance far quicker and easier.

Whilst PowerPoles in 6ft sections are our most popular choice.
The PowerPole is available in 4 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft 10 ft or 12 ft sections to extend to a total length of 60 feet.

With PowerPole it is easy to change between low and high presure cleaning systems. Switch from low to high pressure system by using a high pressure gun section,3500 psi hose and quick connect high pressure head.

PowerPole is available with a broad range of quick connect accessories to help you get multiple jobs done fast. You can also purchase special adapters to attach standard accessories from other manufacturers.

IMPORTANT: Some chemicals will require stainless steel fittings for the PowerPole please contact us with your requirements.

PowerPoles : Built to Out-Last all competition

lightweight Aerospace Alloy

Supplied to Professional Contractors World Wide, Local Authorities, London Underground etc.

Approved by the HSE as featured in the  2006 Working at height DVD


The PowerPole is designed to be mixed and matched for example you can combine the top three sections of a 6x8' with either the bottom three sections from the 6x4' or the 6x6' this is done instantly with quick release clamps.

The powerpole is more than a window cleaning pole it can be combined with a vast range of accessories such as gutter cleaners, scrappers, plant waterer's even micro video cameras.

See the PowerPole accessory page for range of uses.

Email your enquiry to or Telephone 020 8405 6782

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