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Omnipole Tornado ACS Advanced Cleaning System

Graffiti Removal Systems

HOT Wash Pressure Washers

Trailer, Truck mount, Mobile and Static Hot Wash Pressure Washers built to serve your requirements. We specialise in bespoke multi purpose systems


Deep Cleans without Water or Chemicals 

Graffiti Removal, Rust Removal, Floor and Wall  Tile Refurbishment, Colour Restoration, Paint Removal, Timber beam cleaning, Gravestone and Monument cleaning, Boat Hull Restoration, Architectural metals  rust removal.

Tornado ACS  the ideal green cleaning and restoration solution for Cleaning Contractors, Education establisments,Local Authorities, Property Managers, and anyone that needs to clean, restore and beautify residential, community or commercial property, vehicles, boats, planes, machinery, heavy equipment, and much more!

  • Removes rust and paint from metal surfaces, polluted tiles and other floor coverings.
  • Restores smoke and fire damaged areas in both private homes and commercial properties.
  • Remedies mould completely which is one of the biggest concerns facing families and homeowners.
  • Eliminates ugly and unwanted markings and environmental contaminants such as paint/graffiti, road spray and tars, soot, chemical emissions, iron oxides, rust, mould, printers ink, caustic stains, hydrocarbon and more.
  • Works on common surfaces like brickwork, concrete, plaster, natural stone, tile, rock, wood, plastic, metal and more.

Tornado ACS



1. Product description
The new mobile jet system is based on a worldwide patented negative pressure jet principle. It is designed as a mobile compact device, not bigger than a customary industrial vacuum cleaner.

The combination of units contains a generator for negative pressure with an appropriate filter cartridge and dust separation as well as the appropriate containers for the granulates. The jet cap and the jet lance are further components of the system.

2. Functioning

After switching on the negative pressure generator a negative pressure of approx. 220 mbar is produced in the jet hood. The hood is set on the working surface and adheres on it due to the negative pressure. By inserting the jet lance into the jet cap the cycle is closed. The blast medium is sucked in by the lance and accelerated to more than 420 km/h. With this rate the jet material impinges on the surface, which can be purified, roughened up or cleaned of layers depending on requirement.

This process can be controlled optimally by the user through three vision panels. After impinging on the working surface the blast medium is sucked off immediately together with the removed particles. Within the device dirt particles are separated of the granulates by a filtering system. Afterwards the granulates reach the stocks container again for further processing. By this cycle the device system has got a minimum granulates consumption.

By the closed circulation the device system has a very low noise level (75 decibel) so that it does not operate louder than a customary vacuum cleaner. 

3. Plane capacity

The plane capacity of the device system amounts to 1.0 4.0 square meters/h depending on application. With very easy applications, e.g. graffiti removal of smooth clinker walls, it can be even more than that. 

4. Applications

The new system is employed primary for the following applications:



  • graffiti - removal
  • cleaning of natural stone
  • rust - removal (metal industry, garages)
  • preparing of adhesive surfaces
  • layer removal / lacquer removal
  • roughening up surfaces
  • restoring 
    5. Advantages of the device system on a view
  • short upgrading and stripping times (maximum of 5 minutes)
  • transport is possible in each vehicle
  • low noise level, because of working without a compressor
  • only 230 V - connection necessary
  • no employment of chemistry or water necessary (extremely environmental preserving)
  • no protective clothing for personnel required and easy handling
  • environmentally beneficial by closed circulation system
  • reuse of blast medium in the circle up to 50 times
  • low acquisition costs 
    6. Technical data
    Air output:
    Cable length:
    Tare weight:
    Height incl. mobile car:
    Length overall:
    Width overall:
    Length of suction hose:
    Length of jet tube:

    Filling quantity:

    Granulates throughput:
    Granulates consumption:

    Upgrading time:
    Stripping time:
    230 V/50 Hz
    max. 3500 W
    3 x 60 l/sec.
    7 m
    ca. 41 kg 
    1350 mm
    750 mm
    560 mm
    4,5 m
    4,0 m

    ca. 10 Liter max.

    according to ray means approx. 20-80 l/h
    according to ray means approx. 0,4-1 l/h

    approx. 5 min.
    approx. 5 min. (incl. cleaning) 

    Steam Cleaners and Hot Pressure Wash Systems + NEW COLD WATER Super Fast GRAFFITI REMOVAL System

    Omnipole have over 20 years experience of both operating, designing and installation of van and trailer mounted Hot Wash steam cleaning equipment and our experience was gained by cleaning and removing graffiti from some of the UKs most prestigious monuments and buildings.

    Why do I need Hot Water? :-Hot Water and chemical is a must to fully remove oil and grease and prevent the oil and grease reforming elsewhere on the object you are cleaning. The hot water melts the oil or grease and the chemical prevents it reforming.


    Graffiti-Chewing Gum-Poster Removal- Bin store -Stone and Paving Cleaning from an Omnipole purpose built Hot Wash van HOT WASH SYSTEMS From 9995.00 + Vat fully installed


    "No Chemical" Graffiti Removal System" Probably the fastest graffiti removal system anywhere!

    Above Photographs shows The new super fast Cold Water Graffiti Removal System Professional Complete package from only 1750.00


    Whirlaway Paving Cleaner in operation

    We offer unbeatable prices on Whirl-away's when purchased as part of a package.

    We are proud to have been appointed  distributors of the fantastic Dirt Driver range of pressure washing equipment -one of the most comprehensive ranges of cleaning equipment  available today covering almost every aspect of cleaning

    We Specialise in

    "The quiet one"

    So quiet you can have a normal conversation standing right next to it =No disruption for Sensitive Residential Environments, schools etc.

    Low Speed (1500rpm) 3 cylinder Isuzu engine for low noise -

    You can converse at normal volume right next to the machine

    The perfect van mount system for evening or night work and for working in areas where noise may cause disturbance.

    Large vertical boiler gives 80 - 120C

    Built in 110 single phase generator to operate other tools


    PRESSURE 200 Bar - 3000 psi
    VOLUME 15 Litres per minute
    ENGINE ISUZU 3 Cylinder Water Cooled - 1500 rpm - 12.5HP Continuous
    PUMP 3 Cylinder HAWK Plunger Pump  - ceramic plungers - brass head
    HOSE REEL 100 Metre  - 3/8" Twin Wire Capacity
    CONSTRUCTION Fabricated Box Section & Steel Plate - Etched primer & powder coat finish
    FUEL TANK 40L - easily movable to suit application
    DIMENSIONS 840mm wide x 1500mm high x 1200mm long   (Optional Radiator Cowl not included) 

    Dirt Driver

    Mobile Diesel Powered Hot Washer

    • Chassis constructed from Heavy Duty Zintec Box Section with Stainless Steel Covers and Painted mesh side panels
    • Twin Axle with inflatable Tyres for ease of Manoeuvreability
    • Stainless Steel Water Tank
    • Zintec Fuel Tank
    • Engine & Heater Coil independently mounted on anti vibration pads
    • Generates its own 110 Volt power for the burner system.


    200 bar (3000 psi) at 18 litres per minute
    KUBOTA Twin Cylinder Water Cooled 13 HP Diesel Engine
    Positive displacement HAWK Plunger Pump
    Triple V Belt Drive
    Double Wound Vertical Coil
    Purpose built 110 Volt 1450 rpm Generator
    Low Pressure Steam Stage
    Low Pressure Detergent Injection
    16 Metre Twin Wire 3/8" High Pressure Hose
    Temperature 80/120 degrees C
    DIMENSIONS : 115 x 115 x117 cms
    WEIGHT : 360 kgs





    Bespoke Van Mount Steam Cleaning And Hot Wash Window Cleaning System For DLO and Large Contract Cleaning Organisations. Built to order to fully carry out your Cleaning Solution requirements.Air or Water cooled robust hot and cold water pressure washer, designed for heavy industrial use in demanding environments, where electrical power is not always available. Featuring a belt driven pump and alternator. Utilisation of HTD type belts means little maintenance with a long operating life.

    Air Cooled Demon
    Pressure (at full flow) - 2900 PSI
    Water Flow (at full pressure) - 15 Litres/min
    Engine - Yanmar
    Model - L100 AE-DE
    Cooling - Air
    Engine Power Requirement - 8HP
    Voltage - 110v
    Drive - HTD Belt Drive
    Weight (dry) - 215Kgs
    Temperature - 83C to 94C
    L x W x H - 1020x1010x900mm
    Water Cooled Version
    Pressure (at full flow) - 2900 PSI
    Water Flow (at full pressure) - 15 Litres/min
    Engine - Isuzu Diesel
    Model - 2CA1
    Cooling - Water
    Engine Power Requirement - 8HP
    Voltage - 110v
    Drive - HTD Belt Drive
    Weight (dry) - 295Kgs
    Temperature - 79C to 91C
    L x W x H - 1400x1010x900mm


    Telephone us today and discuss your EXACT requirements


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